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Preparing for parenthood

Preparing for parenthood

As many people know, there is no possible way to fully prepare yourself for parenthood. There is comfort in knowing almost everyone is making it up as they go along, and everyone is doing their best. You can read all the best parenting books and do all your research but doing what works best for you and your baby is key.

Prepare for parenthood. It is important to prepare for the postnatal period that follows birth. You and your partner may have discussed breastfeeding and if you have decided to breastfeed, an antenatal breastfeeding class would be extremely beneficial to you help learn what you need to know. Healthy eating and exercise throughout pregnancy will stand to you when you are recovering postnatally and during breastfeeding. While visions or Baby monitors, breast pumps, car seats, strollers, childcare and nursery space all run through your mind remember to take it one thing at a time. 

An aspect that many couples forget about, is thinking about the people who will be part of your postnatal support network. It is a vital and often neglected aspect of preparing for parenthood. It is important to think about who you will want around in the early days. Having and maintaining a good support network, be it family or otherwise will be important and will allow you to do things for yourself. 

It is also a wise move to set up some reasonable boundaries for relatives. Having time and space for you and your partner without other family members living in your ear will be key to avoiding putting any unnecessary strain on your relationship. Have you prioritised yourself while thinking about everything else that needs to be organised? You should allocate time every week to practice self- care while minding your bundle of joy. Even if it’s a baby free half hour it’s a positive addition to your weekly routine (And there is no need to feel guilty!)

It is always a good idea to know when you are having an off day. It is a good idea for the people around you to know some signs that will help them recognise if you are struggling and need a bit of an extra helping hand. This may seem like an awful lot to think about, but you have a whole nine months to figure out what will work best for you and your partner!

It is so important to remember to look after yourself as well as your new baby at this special time. This is where Proceive pregnancy can help you tick that self-care box if you don’t get the chance to have any ‘me time’ during the day. Your nutritional needs will be covered with a healthy balanced diet and an extra helping hand from the Proceive Pregnancy range.

There will always be a discrepancy (Big or small!) between what you discussed with your partner and all the things you forgot or wish you had discussed. The key is to keep the lines of communication open. If you need a helping hand, be it need a nap, a snack or an uninterrupted shower. You’ve got this!


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