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TTC at Christmas

TTC Christmas Survival Kit

While most of us really look forward to the festive season, it is important to remember Christmas can be a very difficult time for many. Family time can be lovely but can also be tense and tiring at times.

Christmas revolves a lot around children and the joy and excitement they experience with the thoughts of Santa coming which can be particularly difficult if you have been trying for a baby for some time. Not to mention the well-meaning but un-welcome “when are you starting a family?” question from relatives. We have compiled a few tips to help you survive the festive season while trying to conceive:


If it comes to it and you know questions from your family about starting a family are unavoidable/inevitable, perhaps have a discussion with your partner and prep some answers so you’re ready for any uncomfortable questions and you can manage them effortlessly.


Christmas can be a trying time for many couples trying to conceive, particularly if they have had a miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Be sure to check in with friends and family and offer a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, it’s the little things that are more important and mean so much during this time of year. Be careful to only offer advice if it has been asked for.


Scrolling through social media and seeing pictures of your friends and family’s babies and children can be very triggering this time of year. Christmas can be lonely and isolating even if you are surrounded by your family and friends. If its necessary to mute or unfollow certain pages for the benefit of your mental health, do not hesitate to put yourself first.


You’ve made it through a strange and very challenging year. Getting to December is an achievement in itself. Do some Christmas baking, have a bath, read your favourite book and take a breather from the fertility conversations during the year. Some downtime will always do your mental and physical the world of good.

The pandemic this year has been extremely difficult and challenging for everyone. It has resulted in long waiting lists for fertility treatments alongside women attending scans without their partners to support them. The most important thing to do this year is be kind.


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