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What Makes A Great Fertility Supplement by Amber Izzo

What Makes A Great Fertility Supplement by Amber Izzo

Some people conceive effortlessly, almost by accident. For others, it takes a short amount of planning, a little ovulation tracking, and a few months of timed sex and trying. And then, there are those like me, for whom the path to parenthood is a long and challenging fertility journey, involving numerous tests, endless ultrasounds, what feels like a million injections and literal years of negative pregnancy tests. Throughout that time, you develop what can only be described as an obsessive awareness of every bodily change and an incredibly dedicated effort to do whatever you can to support your reproductive health. You reduce the coffee; you're changing your deodorant; your skincare. For me, it felt as though I had no control, and I was desperate to claw some of that back. To do that, I knew I needed to pay attention to what I was putting into my body, and so that involved research, making sure that the supplements we were taking were doing everything I needed them to be doing in enhancing my overall health, and my fertility.
Over the years I experimented with countless supplements. In truth, initially I had no idea what to look for, though I knew folic acid was a good starting point. However, after a failed IVF cycle, I began to scrutinise my supplement regime closely. I had read books that overwhelmed me, advising I eliminated most of the products in my home, changed every bit of skincare I had and never touched a receipt again. I was to adopt a diet that for me felt far too strict, far too expensive, and anything but enjoyable; I was overwhelmed, and it was only adding more pressure to what was an already stressful situation. This led to me to delve deeper into supplements, aiming to take charge of our nutritional health, seeking a solution that was both comprehensive and convenient, didn't require five different tablets a day and feeling like I rattled like a pill box as I walked, and would support a balanced, everyday diet. That is when I discovered Proceive.
Proceive came highly recommended by a few people I had met through the fertility 
community. I mentioned it to my nutritionist who was helping us along our journey, and she gave us the immediate go-ahead. We stocked up on Proceive Max conception sachets (male and female), and omega-3 for extra support. Adding them to our daily routines felt seamless. I no longer needed to worry about whether or not I was getting enough of each nutrient. I had confidence in the brand which was invaluable, and despite my initial apprehension about the sachets' taste, I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted like a strong orange juice, so it was easy and convenient to take. But beyond that, we could easily mix it into yoghurt or smoothies, ensuring variety.
Proceive® Women was exactly what we needed: a comprehensive supplement with significantly more nutrients than so many other brands, and at a much higher strength. The capsules contain 28 nutrients, whilst the sachets boast an incredible 33; a substantial number in comparison to other brands we'd looked into. They're suitable for everyone, being certified vegan, and are readily available at Boots, Holland and Barrett, and even Amazon - allowing for quick and easy purchases. Our supply was always stocked, without ever needing to worry we wouldn't be able to get hold of it. With no fillers or binders, and designed to correct deficiencies associated with the reproductive cycle, and supplies the raw materials needed to support it. For me, it was a game changer.
After 8 years of infertility before I finally had my son, Proceive had become an indispensable part of my fertility journey. It gave me one less thing to worry about, and on a path where I felt like all elements of control were taken from me, this gave me something I could hold onto. And now, as I prepare for my last round of fertility treatment, hoping to bring home a sibling for my son, Proceive has once again become - and will remain - a key part of my daily routine; a trusted support as I embark down this road one final time.

Amber Izzo 

Blogger and Campaigner




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