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PROCEIVE® Conception and Pregnancy Omega 3

Wonderful product

Great product, definitely reccomend you to get.


Unfortunately even following the instructions they repeat on me and you get the fishy taste but look the benefits outweigh this!

Highly Recommend

Peace of mind to know that in each trimester you have the necessary vitamins in one tablet. So straight forward and very quick delivery.

Fantastic product

If u have have unexplained fertility issues and are not conceiving. This may the product that will boost your ovulation. Conceived in the 2nd month, naturally. After having 20 years of infertility and many failed ivf treatment. Definitely recommend this product.

After a missed miscarriage in the summer I decided to try a different approach. After a lot of research I came across Proceive max as it had good reviews. I hadn’t even finished the first box when I found out I was pregnant, it is very early days and I’m overly cautious after previous experience. Not only am I now pregnant but I also feel much better and have more energy. The taste doesn’t offend me at all. I found that the sachets mixes better in a shacker rather then with a spoon. I have now ordered first trimester vitamins and omega capsules and would happily recommend this range to anyone.

Tatjana Franckevic
Not recommended 😕

My husband takes Proceive Max Men for 5 month already completely no changes to his sperm analysis. A bit low morphology he has and vitamins didn't help at all to improve it. Trying for a baby more than a year already 😥 we are both 34 years old. Just was expected more from this product because of the price, ingredients it has and reviews,but
unfortunately looks like it doesn't work for all.

Definitely worth it!!

TTC for 8 months for baby no.3 with no joy. Didn't even get to finish out the 1st box and I was pregnant. Currently dying from hyperemesis. Wish there was a proceive box for that!!!


I love it. It is exactly what I needed 😊

No luck yet but cycle is now clockwork

I had a miscarriage in May and the next two months of my cycle were completely out of sync and very long. I started taking these supplements and am currently on my second box. This is the second month my cycle has had a clear ovulation day and my period has been bang on time two weeks later. Even though I am not yet pregnant, it’s such a relief to have a proper cycle and I can pinpoint my ovulation, so fingers crossed I’ll be lucky in my third month! So happy to have my dates worked out again though, that’s the first step!

Emma Hawkesworth
Pregnant after 3 weeks

Following a miscarriage earlier this year I was struggling to get pregnant again after 6 months of trying and so decided to try Proceive as I had read very good reviews. I am pleased to say after 3 weeks of my partner and I both taking this we have fallen pregnant. It is very early days but I couldn't be happier. It is very easy to drink and even better with a dash of juice.

PROCEIVE® Pregnancy Trimester 1



Pregnant within 2 months of taking them

I started taking procieve in June because I wanted to fill up my body with all the healthy vitamins early, everyone says start minimum 3 months before you start trying but it's best to start bettering your lifestyle and taking prenatals a year before you start trying, we didn't plan to start really trying until the fall. In late August I found out that we were pregnant. It was our first cycle of "practicing trying" i.e. learning ovulation, no contraceptive, no goalie. The vitamins take some getting used to but once you integrate them they are fine. They encouraged me to drink more water and stay more hydrated as well as eat a healthy meal in the mornings as you should take them with food. So I started my day in the best way and wham bam thank you I am expecting. Now I know everyone is different and has different needs but the team is so helpful as well in letting you know what's in them, why other ingredients have been omitted and how to take it. The team is so wonderful about supporting the journey unique journey of everyone. Moving onto Procieve pregnancy now after 2 months of Procieve Max.

So far so good

I’ve been taking proceive trimester 1 for a couple of weeks, I’m happy with it so far. I feel great and I’ll be moving in to trimester 2 God willing when the time comes.

very happy

very happy with this high quality product. have recommended to friends

Danielle Rowlands
3rd is make or break

I have been using these for 2months now, moving on to my 3rd month which is where I hope to start seeing if these are making a difference. So far I feel better in myself for taking them and for the 1st time this year I have had a period each month since taking these! I have had problems with periods and conceiving for just over a year now ever since losing our child and stress from work! I have never succeeded in having 3 periods in a row since everything happened so if I do then I know these are definitely helping me which will then get us back on track to try conceiving again and fingers crossed succeed !

Tara Connaghan
Love the energy it gives me

I have been taking Proceive Max for the last 7 months on our TTC journey. No BFP yet but I love the energy this supplement gives me. The taste is a little too sweet for me so I water it down quite a bit. My partner loves the taste of the Proceive Max Men.
It is quite expensive but it has high doses of a lot of the vitamins / minerals etc. that are needed. I would probably be interested in continuing to take this after our TTC journey just for the energy boost! :)

PROCEIVE® Pregnancy Trimester 1
Sarah, Proceive Pregnancy Trimester 1 Customer

I am 8 weeks pregnant and was delighted to discover this pregnancy range. They give you everything you need, and at a good level to look after you and the baby at each stage of pregnancy.

Naomi, Proceive Max Women Customer

I have really enjoyed taking this product. We have been trying to conceive for six months and taking Proceive Max Women for the past four months and we have just found out we’re pregnant. I am 39 years old and so feel very happy to have found this high dose fertility product. My husband took Proceive Men. I would definitely recommend!

Sandy, Proceive Women Customer

I started using Proceive Women 2 months ago. I’m pregnant now and continue to use them without any concern as my mind is at peace they contain folic acid and other essential nutrients. Recommend the product.

Jane, Proceive Women Customer

After spending 1.5 years trying to conceive our second child, I started on Proceive Women and fell pregnant 3 months later! When we realised we were having problems conceiving, I started researching the latest fertility studies to see what kind of vitamins and levels might help. These were the best I could find that matched the recommendations. Just wish I’d started on them earlier.

My wife is 39 years old, I am 42 and were both taking proceive. We found out she was pregnant before we finished our third box. It was our first time trying for a baby so we didn't expect it this quickly. I normally don't write reviews but I'm very happy to write a review about this product which was very helpful. Good luck to everybody!

My husband and I had been taking another brand for months but decided to switch to this brand and had not even finished the first box when we fell pregnant.Highly recommend this product.

My husband and I took these for three months before trying for a baby. We got pregnant in the first month of trying. Recommended by a fertility specialist who said to avoid Pregnacare at all costs. Worth the extra price in my opinion.